Risk Assessment Manual for Civil Aircraft Operations Over or Near Conflict Zones (Doc 10084)

2nd Edition, 2018
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The second edition of Doc 10084 has been further amended to expand the advice for States and operators regarding the risks from surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and key risk factors to be considered for their own risk assessments. The second edition of Doc 10084 is published under the new name Risk Assessment Manual for Civil Aircraft Operations over or near Conflict Zones, in line with its revised content. The enhanced guidance material in the manual is based on existing ICAO provisions and industry practices related to:

  • responsibilities of States, operators and other service providers within States;
  • significant regulatory developments and existing practices since 2014;
  • consolidated source material for conducting risk assessments;
  • outline of risk information sharing mechanisms;
  • guidance to States and operators on what to do with threat and risk information; and
  • existing mechanisms for State-to-operator and/or State-to-State sharing of information.
In order to make the guidance material in this edition of Doc 10084 more accessible for States, aircraft operators, ANSPs, and other entities concerned, and considering that the revised material does not contain any sensitive security information, the Secretariat amended the document ™s classification from restricted to non-restricted.

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Edition 2nd Edition, 2018