Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Manual (Doc 9613)
Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Manual (Doc 9613)

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Manual (Doc 9613)

5th Edition, 2023
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This manual identifies the relationship between RNAV and RNP applications and the advantages and limitations of choosing one or the other as the navigation requirement for an airspace concept. It also aims at providing practical guidance to States, ANSPs and airspace users on how to implement RNAV and RNP applications, and how to ensure that the performance requirements are appropriate for the planned application.

Recognizing that there are many airspace structures based on existing RNAV applications, and conscious of the high cost to operators in meeting different certification and operational approval requirements for each application, this manual supports those responsible for assessing whether an application can use an existing navigation specification for implementation. The primary aim is to provide guidance in the identification of whether, by a suitable adjustment of the airspace concept, navigation application and/or infrastructure, it is possible to make use of an existing navigation specification, thereby obviating the need for a specific and potentially costly imposition of a new certification requirementfor operation in an individual airspace.

Where analysis identifies that a new standard is needed, the manual identifies the steps required for the establishment of such a new standard. It also identifies a means by which, through the auspices of ICAO, unnecessary proliferation of standards can be avoided.

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Edition 5th Edition, 2023
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