Manual on Simultaneous Operations or Parallel or Near-Parallel Instrument Runways (SOIR) (Doc 9643)

2nd Edition, 2020
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This manual contains guidance material that is complimentary to the Standards and Recommended Practices in Annex 14 -Aerodromes and the provisions in the Procedures for Air Navigation Services¬ Air Traffic Management (PANS-ATM, Doc 4444). It describes in greater detail how simultaneous operations on closely spaced parallel or near parallel instrument runways can be implemented when the distance· between the runway centre lines is 1 035 m (3 400ft) or more, providing details on the operation and implementation. This second edition of the Manual on Simultaneous Operations on Parallel or Near¬ Parallel Instrument Runways (SOIR) (Doc 9643) leverages the experiences of many States in applying both traditional and new practices, and complements the 2018 publication of new simultaneous approach separation Standards in Doc 4444.

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Edition 2nd Edition, 2020