Manual of All-Weather Operations (Doc 9365)

4th Edition, 2017
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This manual describes the technical and operational factors associated with methods of supervising the determination of aerodrome operating minima for surface movement, take-off, departure and instrument approaches, including Category I, II and III operations, to the lowest minima. Information for States, air navigation service providers and airspace users on how to implement area navigation (RNAV) and required navigation performance (RNP) applications are in the Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Manual (Doc 9613). The information can be applied by the State of the Operator to its operators conducting international commercial air transport operations. Some of the information in this manual describing systems and system performance is applicable to international general aviation operations and international helicopter operations, where appropriate, according to Annex 6, Part II - International General Aviation - Aeroplanes and Part III - International Operations - Helicopters.

The material in this manual is of a general nature and has been prepared in a form convenient for use as guidance material by civil aviation authorities in the development of their own requirements in their role as State of the Operator and State of the Aerodrome. The intention of ICAO is to write Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and Procedures in such a manner that they are, as far as practicable, neutral as to the varying operating circumstances as well as the technologies used. These are called performance-based Standards as opposed to prescriptive Standards, which typically are very detailed. In order to assist States, air operators and other service providers to understand how to apply the Standards and resulting regulations and to appreciate the level of safety intended, guidance material is necessary. Such material can be in the form of a manual, like this one, or in the form of attachments to the respective Annexes.

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Edition 4th Edition, 2017