Aerodrome Restart (ADRM)
Aerodrome Restart (ADRM)
Implementation Package (iPack)

Aerodrome Restart (ADRM)

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This Implementation Package (iPack) is a self-contained package to facilitate and guide Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) and/or aerodrome operators in the implementation of ICAO provisions. It includes relevant documentation, tools and an online course to facilitate aerodromes restart. A dedicated subject matter expert will work remotely with the CAA and/or aerodrome operator, providing guidance in their implementation efforts to achieve the objectives of the iPack. The level of progress made against each iPack objective is dependent on the availability of CAA/aerodrome operator resources to perform the work.



Facilitate and guide Civil Aviation Authorities and/or aerodrome operators in applying Annex 14 and other relevant ICAO provisions, to ensure safety, regularity and efficiency of aerodrome operations after a partial or full aerodrome closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



After having successfully implemented this iPack, CAAs and/or aerodrome operators will be better equipped to review:

  1. the conditions of aerodrome infrastructure;
  2. the procedures relating to aerodrome operations;
  3. the status of aerodrome certification and compliance;
  4. the coordination and collaboration processes required at an aerodrome; and
  5. aerodrome related human resources, competency and training requirements,

and initiate actions, as necessary, to ensure a safe and seamless restart of aerodromes.



  • Civil Aviation Authorities; and/or
  • Aerodrome Operators and other relevant service providers.



  • Expertise:

◦ Dedicated Subject Matter Expert, for a duration of 10 work days, supporting Civil Aviation Authorities, aerodrome operators or other relevant service providers remotely in achieving the iPack Objectives.


  • Training:

◦ Aerodromes Restart – Online course for 12 trainees for a duration of 5 hours

– Total number of training slots: 12


  • Tools:
  • Aerodromes restart checklists:
    • Aerodrome infrastructure
    • Aerodrome operations
    • Certification and compliance
    • Coordination and collaboration
    • Human resource, competency and training   



◦ Relevant ICAO Annexes and Guidance material

◦ Other relevant documents


* Additional seats for training as well as expert workdays can be provided at an additional cost.

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