ICAO Data+ M5: On-Flight Origin And Destination
ICAO Data+ M5: On-Flight Origin And Destination

ICAO Data+ M5: On-Flight Origin And Destination

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For your information, every Member State is entitled to a basic access to Data+ free of charge; one focal point must be nominated by the Member State for said access. Please note that the basic access does not include the capacity to print or export the data.

For additional licenses (regular subscriptions), we offer a 33% discount to Member States, which include the function to print and export the data.

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The ICAO DATA+ is a new tool that presents in a dynamic and graphical environment the air transport statistic data collected from its 193 Member States.


ICAO DATA+ enables users to quickly visualize trends, differences and similarities between air transport data selections and make competitive analyses (benchmarking) more accessible.


Shows on an aggregate basis the number of passengers, freight and mail tonnes carried between all international city-pairs on scheduled services. These data are collected on a quarterly basis, but due to confidentiality restrictions can only be shown 6 months after the end of each reporting period.

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SKU STA-65000-001-01-E-D
Order No. DTPL-5U
Data type Analytical Data
Module M5
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