Functional Specifications for the Location of an Aircraft in Distress Repository (LADR) (Doc 10150)

Unedited - 1st Edition, 2020
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The purpose of the first edition of the Functional Specifications for the Location of an Aircraft in Distress Repository (LADR) (Doc 10150) is to define the requirements for a centralized repository of location information resulting from activations of aircraft distress tracking systems. The Location of an Aircraft in Distress Repository (LADR) enables operators to meet the requirements in Annex 6 — Operation of Aircraft, Part I — International Commercial Air Transport Aeroplanes, Chapter 6, 6.18.3 to make position information of a flight in distress available to appropriate organizations, as established by the State of the Operator. The repository also meets the expectation from the search and rescue (SAR) community that such information will be held in a single place, such that information from different autonomous distress tracking (ADT) systems would be collected together, facilitating quick access to the last known position of the aircraft.

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Edition Unedited - 1st Edition, 2020