Cabin Crew Safety Training Manual (Doc 10002)
Cabin Crew Safety Training Manual (Doc 10002)

Cabin Crew Safety Training Manual (Doc 10002)

2nd Edition, 2020
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Cabin safety contributes to the prevention of accidents and incidents and protection of the aircraft’s occupants, through proactive safety management, including hazard identification, safety risk management and the increase of survivability in the event of an emergency situation. Traditionally, the role of cabin crew members focused on the evacuation of an aircraft in the event of an accident. However, cabin crew members also play an important proactive role in managing safety, which can contribute to the prevention of incidents and accidents. Training is necessary to prepare cabin crew members to conduct their safety-related duties and responsibilities during normal day-to-day flights and essential to enable them to recognize and act on any abnormal or emergency situation.

The Cabin Crew Safety Training Manual (Doc 10002) provides guidance related to cabin crew training requirements found in Annex 6 - Operation of Aircraft, Part I - International Commercial Air Transport - Aeroplanes.

ICAO developed guidance for a competency-based approach to cabin crew safety training so that cabin crew members could be proficient to perform their duties and responsibilities, and with the goal of establishing an international baseline for cabin crew competencies. The manual presents cabin crew safety training using a competency-based approach. It provides guidance for operators to develop competency-based cabin crew training.

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Edition 2nd Edition, 2020
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