Aviation Fundamentals (AVIFUN): Online
Aviation Fundamentals (AVIFUN): Online
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Aviation Fundamentals (AVIFUN): Online

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Target Population: Aspiring new aviation professionals as well as professionals transitioning into aviation


Language: English


Purpose of the Course

Aviation Fundamentals (AviFun) is an engaging 20-hour self-study online course that consists of 10 online modules and teaches the fundamentals of the international air transport system. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the various aviation activities performed across all aviation areas that encompass the international air transport system and inspire individuals about the different fields of aviation as they consider their professional goals and career path.


Learning Objectives 

  • Describe the origins of aviation and the history of international aviation law.
  • Describe the general framework of the 1944 Chicago Convention, including its function and key achievements.
  • Describe the basic process that allows aircraft to fly and be controlled while airborne.
  • Explain how international regulations impact the design and airworthiness of aircraft.
  • Describe different types of airlines and how their operations vary.
  • Summarize the global economy and other factors impacting supply and demand.
  • Explain several categories of aviation operations within the General Aviation sector.
  • Describe the international regulations impacting aviation operations.
  • Explain why air traffic management is essential in the aviation industry.
  • Explain the operational structure of airports, specifically elements of airside and landside operations.
  • Discuss the types of acts of unlawful interference and other criminal activities that may occur within the aviation industry, including bombings and hijackings, drug smuggling and human trafficking.
  • Explain the importance of accurate weather information in aviation and how the global community cooperates to forecast and disseminate weather data.
  • Describe the global accident rate and the related costs of an accident.
  • Outline several human factors issues that impact all aviation professionals.

Course Structure


This course has the following 10 modules:


• Course Introduction 

• Module 1 - Air Law

• Module 2 - Aircraft 

• Module 3 - Airlines

• Module 4 - General Aviation 

• Module 5 - Navigation

• Module 6 - Airports 

• Module 7 - Security 

• Module 8 - Environment 

• Module 9 - Accidents 

• Module 10 - Safety  

• Exam


Passing Grade: 80%

Number of exam attempts: 3 times

Note: Upon successful completion of the final exam, you will receive a Certificate of successful completion.



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SKU TRG-10018-001-01-E-R
Course duration 20 hours
Target population Aspiring new aviation professionals as well as professionals transitioning into aviation, Civil Aviation Authorities, Member States, Airline Operators, and other aviation industry professionals
Training area Air Transport
Training type Online