Annex 10 - Aeronautical Telecommunications - Volume I - Radio Navigational Aids

7th Edition, July 2018
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Corrigenda nos. 1 and 2, and Amendment no. 92
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Volume I of Annex 10 is a technical document which defines for international aircraft operations the systems necessary to provide radio navigation aids used by aircraft in all phases of flight. The SARPs and guidance material of this volume list essential parameter specifications for radio navigation aids such as the global navigation satellite system (GNSS), instrument landing system (ILS), microwave landing system (MLS), very high frequency (VHF) omnidirectional radio range (VOR), non-directional radio beacon (NDB) and distance measuring equipment (DME). The information contained in this volume includes aspects of power requirements, frequency, modulation, signal characteristics and monitoring needed to ensure that suitably equipped aircraft will be able to receive navigation signals in all parts of the world with the requisite degree of reliability.

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Order No. AN 10-1
Publication type Annex
Edition 7th Edition, July 2018
Volume or Part Volume I