Air Traffic Management Security Manual (Doc 9985 - Restricted)
Air Traffic Management Security Manual (Doc 9985 - Restricted)

Air Traffic Management Security Manual (Doc 9985 - Restricted)

1st Edition, 2013
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Distribution of this publication is restricted and limited to national civil aviation authorities and other entities responsible for implementing aviation security measures, such as airports and aircraft operators.


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Doc 9985 complements the Aviation Security Manual (Doc 8973–Restricted) and provides guidance on security issues specific to air traffic management (ATM) in order to assist States and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) in implementing appropriate security provisions to meet the published requirements of National Civil Aviation Security Programmes (NCASP). In addition, the manual provides guidance to the ANSP on provision of ATM security services in support of national security and law enforcement requirements, and guidance on protection of the ATM system infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities.

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