USOAP Primary Aviation Legislation & Civil Aviation Regulations & Civil Aviation Organization (LEG/ORG) - Stand alone

Edition 2014
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Course Objective:

This course will enhance the user’s knowledge regarding the establishment of a civil aviation administration (CAA) by providing clear guidance to the users on the following LEG subareas: promulgation and amendment procedures; enforcement; empowerment of inspectors; ratification and implementation of Article 83B. Additionally, it will provide guidance to the users on the following ORG subareas: establishment of State civil aviation system and safety oversight functions and its resourcing; technical personnel qualification and training; technical guidance, tools and provisions of safety critical information.

Target Audience:

This course can be taken as a stand-alone course for those who want to increase their knowledge regarding the establishment of an effective State safety oversight system, or can be taken by existing CBT users as a second qualification.

Please note that the final exam for primary aviation legislation & civil aviation regulations (LEG) curriculum is currently being revised; the (LEG) final exam only has therefore been suspended until further notice. The (LEG), Civil Aviation Organization (ORG) modules and (ORG) final exam will remain unaffected. Participant will receive a certificate of completion for the Civil Aviation Organization (ORG) part upon successful completion of the (ORG) Exam