The ICAO Training Report dedicated to the aviation training industry and associated to the ICAO Aviation Training Directory, provides a comprehensive account of emerging trends and agenda setting information that impact civil aviation training and education.

The transfer of knowledge and procedures needed throughout the world to improve global aviation safety, security and environmental protection is a prominent feature of the ICAO Training Report. Through insightful, in-depth articles, the ICAO Training Report anticipates issues and underlines how regulatory frameworks should enable and support the use of modern training and learning technologies as well as industry best practices.


FREQUENCY: 2 issues per year.

LANGUAGES: English only.

CIRCULATION: over 5,000 copies per issue.



Although it reaches 191 ICAO Contracting States, the Training Report’s readership actually extends to some 210 countries and territories globally. This periodical is delivered to an exclusive selection of ICAO’s established readership of over 16,900 global aviation decision-makers.


Because of ICAO’s important leadership role in all global and regional aviation developments, the Training Report is a must-read publication for:

­ National government ministries and agencies.

­ Top executives in regional and international transportation associations.

­ Senior management in regional airlines, airports, air traffic control centres, manufacturers and other suppliers.

­ Academics, libraries and training schools.

­ Participants at major ICAO conferences and meetings.



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