Event Marketing Opportunities


Provides you  with the opportunity to market your products and services to a public and private sector audience from around the world. Becoming a sponsor of an ICAO event enhances the awareness of your  company’s brand as well as its products and services through promotional efforts during hospitality events and, for major sponsors, it provides an opportunity to make a non-commercial presentation to the symposium/conference delegates.


Provides the exhibiting company with the opportunity to market its products and/or services to a public and private sector audience from around the world which typically number between 300–600 delegates from among ICAO’s 191 Contracting States. At an ICAO event exhibiting companies will meet potential customers and key decision-makers to discuss important new developments and products/services related to their specific business.

If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor or exhibitor for any of the ICAO conferences and symposia listed below, please contact mem@icao.int.


Solutions Workshop Speaking Slots

A solutions workshop is held in conjunction with an event which provides sponsors/exhibitors with an opportunity to make a commercial presentation to the symposium/conference delegates outside the official event agenda. Typically a 12–15 minute PowerPoint presentation is given highlighting the sponsoring/exhibiting company’s key services and applications followed by a five-minute question and answer period.

For more information on event sponsorship, exhibition and solutions workshop speaking slots, please refer to the page of each specific event: www.icao.int/meetings


Media Partnerships and Supporting Organizations


In order to promote conferences and symposia beyond the Member States, ICAO relies on support from specialized aviation media and industry organizations. the Organization extends invitations to potential Media Partners and Supporting Organizations for each event.


What is Expected from Media Partners and Supporting Organizations?


  • Add the ICAO event to their event calendar;
  • Provide online coverage of the ICAO event by placing event banner(s) on their website;
  • Distribute the ICAO event information via e-newsletter or other vehicles;
  • Invite on behalf of ICAO its constituency, partners, and other relevant contacts to attend, sponsor and/or exhibit at the event;
  • Keep ICAO aware of all progress in promoting the ICAO event.


Benefits for Media Partners and Supporting Organizations 

  • ­Exposure on the ICAO event web page and in the printed materials;
  • ­Display and distribution of their promotional materials on site to the delegates;
  • ­Two (2) complimentary passes for attendance at the event;
  • ­Opportunity to network with senior civil aviation officers, government officials  and industry executives.


If you are interested in becoming a Media Partner or Supporting Organization of any of the ICAO conferences and symposia, please email promo@icao.int or call +1 514-954-8219 (ext. 8899).