Safety Management Systems for Practitioners (SMxP) Course

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Provides practical knowledge in the application of the processes of risk management and safety assurance. Course developed with the support of practical exercises and world accepted best practices and IT tools (Bowtie XP). The course has been accredited by ICAO in content and form in accordance with the TRAINAIR PLUS Competence-Based Training methodology. Upon course completion, participants will receive a certificate issued by ICAO and a temporary BowTieXP software temporary license. This IT tool, developed by CGE Risk Management Solutions , is leader in the field of safety management.


MODE OF DELIVERY: Classroom format 



The course aims to provide qualified SMS/SSP staff with a comprehensive application of operational safety management processes and practical examples on the use of IT tools, to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of safety management activities. 

 Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
a)   identify hazards following a systematic and consistent approach;
b)   mitigate safety risk following a systematic and consistent approach;
c)   manage the changes in a safe manner;
d)   assess safety reports through a safety screening and an internal investigation;
e)   prepare a safety audit/survey for assessing performance of the process; and
f )    design a safety performance monitoring scheme. 


The primary target population consists of: 

  1. State regulatory personnel involved in the implementation and operation of the State Safety Programme (SSP) in the aviation industry (air operator, approved maintenance organization, design or manufacturing organization, aerodrome operator, air traffic services provider or aviation training organizations); and
  2. Service provider staff working for an air operator, approved maintenance organization, design/manufacturing organization, aerodrome operator, air traffic services provider or aviation training organizations that are involved in the following SMS activities: 

• Safety data and safety information collection
•  Hazard identification
•  Safety Risk Management
•  Accident/Incident Investigations
•  Safety data and safety information analysis
•  Change management
•  Safety audits and surveys
•  Safety Performance Monitoring 


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