Performance-based Navigation (PBN) for Air Traffic Controllers Course (PBN-ATCO) - ENGLISH

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<p>Language: English Description: The implementation of Performance-based Navigation (PBN), is presently the global aviation community&rsquo;s highest Air Navigation priority. It is also key to the implementation of ICAO&rsquo;s Aviation System Block Upgrades and an important enabler for Continuous Descent and Continuous Climb operations. Recently in many states several PBN procedures with advanced functions and options have started to be developed which allow safer access to more airports and improved route efficiencies. As the number of PBN procedures increase, it also requires changes to the ATCO training to ensure that the air traffic controllers (ATCOs) are aware of the new PBN concept and the on-board RNAV or RNP system capabilities in order to determine whether the performance of the RNAV or RNP system is appropriate for the specific airspace requirements. To this end, ICAO with guidance from the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers&rsquo; Associations has developed Performance-based Navigation ATCO online course to provide necessary information with respect to PBN and airspace concept, flight plan and new charting standards, training requirements, mixed mode operations and implementation guidance. Goal: To provide fundamental and most critical information necessary for Air Traffic Controls to facilitate their understanding with respect to PBN. Objectives: At the completion of this e-learning course, trainees will be able to examine the: &middot; Fundamental concepts of PBN &middot; Airspace Concept and its components &middot; Role of ATC in the development of Airspace Concept &middot; Use of PBN in ATS routes and instrument flight procedures Duration of the Course: 2-4 hours Target Audience: Air navigation service providers, air traffic service providers and individual Air Traffic Controllers with guidance from the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers&rsquo; Associations.</p>