Operational Opportunities To Reduce Fuel Burn And Emissions First Edition - 2014 (Doc 10013) - ARABIC - Printed

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Operational Opportunities To Reduce Fuel Burn And Emissions First Edition - 2014
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Performance-based Navigation (PBN)  Overview Course

Course Description

This course provides a high level  overview of the Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) concept and principles.  PBN represents a shift from sensor-based to performance-based navigation. PBN  routes and procedures are designed to meet a navigation specification which is defined in terms of accuracy, integrity, availability, continuity and functionality for the proposed operations in the context of a particular airspace.

Because PBN implementation impacts all areas (aircraft operations, regulatory approvals and authorizations, training, instrument flight procedure design, airspace design, aircraft separation, etc) understanding the PBN concept and principles  becomes essential for all aviation stakeholders.   Therefore, this course is the necessary pre-requisite to understand PBN and for further PBN training.

Training Objectives

  • Explain the PBN concept
  • Develop a common understanding and foundational PBN knowledge to serve as the basis for future, in-depth PBN courses.
  • Explain the PBN benefits, components and navigation specifications
  • Explain PBN implementation

Language of Instruction


Duration and format of delivery:

2 to 4 hours  - online course

Target Population

Aircraft Operations Personnel, Pilots and Dispatchers

Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCO’s)

Airline and Airport Personnel

Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) and Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA)

Any aviation stakeholder  interested in understanding the principles of PBN

System compatibility requirements

The course only operates on web-based browsers and computers. The course is not compatible for tablets.