How to Order


The fastest way to order ICAO publications is online at


Orders can also be made by email, fax, telephone or mail. Please state:


  • Catalogue order number 
  • Language(s) required
  • Exact title of the item 
  • Quantity required for each item


Orders can also be placed through our authorized resellers listed in the Catalogue of ICAO Publications.


For ease of shipping, all orders must include:


  • A contact name
  • The complete civic address (city, state/region, country, postal code)
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address


To avoid duplication, unnecessary delays and transaction costs, orders should be submitted to ICAO only ONCE, especially those placed by email, fax and telephone.


Order Status


An inquiry on the status of an order should indicate date of order and mode of payment and be marked “THIS IS AN INQUIRY ONLY — PLEASE DO NOT DUPLICATE ORDER”.