Become a Reseller

ICAO Reseller Program


ICAO welcomes all interested business entities who wish to become recognized resellers of ICAO Publications and other selected products and/or services being offered for sale. In this regard the following terms and conditions apply:


The business entity must submit a formal request to ICAO at . All requests must contain:

-Name of the business

-Full civic address

-Primary contact name, telephone number and email address


Upon acceptance of the request, a 25% discount will be applied to each order placed by the business entity. The business entity will be required to pay the standard shipping and handling fees in accordance with the ICAO policy (see shipping and handling information on this site).


Direct Shipping to Customer

Shipping directly to the business entity’s customers is available on demand. To effect this method of shipping, the following information is required:

-Customer’s name

-Full civic address

-Primary contact, telephone number and email address