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Safety Management

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Safety Management Online Curriculum (version 2019)

Language: English

Mode of Delivery: E-learning (web-based training)

Duration: Approximately 30 hours.

Target Population:  The training is most beneficial for those who work for a State regulatory body involved in the planning, development, and implementation of State Safety Programmes, and for staff who work for an aviation service provider involved in the planning, development and implementation of Safety Management Systems.


Purpose of the course:

The course describes ICAO safety management provisions and the implementation of State Safety Programme (SSP) and Safety Management System (SMS) at State and service provider level, respectively.  


Learning objectives:

At the end of the Safety Management Online course, trainees will be able to:


-          Apply the fundamental concepts and principles of aviation safety management;

-          Develop SSP/SMS implementation plans based on the frameworks provided in ICAO Safety Management SARPs and guidance material;

-          Participate in the organization’s SSP/SMS implementation and operation.


Course content:

The course includes four modules:


  • Module 1: Introduction to Safety Management; 
  • Module 2: ICAO Annex 19: Safety Management; 
  • Module 3A: Sate Safety Programme (SSP) 
  • Module 3B: Safety Management System (SMS).


For any inquiries, please write to:


Course outline

 Module 1 -  Introduction to Safety Management


Section 1. Why safety management?

Section 2. What is different with safety management?

Section 3. How to implement safety management?

Section 4. How can we transition to safety management?

Section 5: End-of-module exam.


Module 2 -  ICAO Annex 19: Safety Management


Section 1. Safety Management SARPs historical background

Section 2. State Safety Management responsibilities

Section 3. Safety Management Systems

Section 4. Safety data and safety information collection, analysis, protection and exchange

Section 5. Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP)

Section 6. End- of-module exam.


Module 3A - State Safety Programme (SSP)

Section 1. Introduction to State Safety Management

Section 2. State safety policy, objectives and resources

Section 3. State Safety Risk Management

Section 4. State Safety Assurance

Section 5. State Safety Promotion

Section 6. SSP implementation  

Section 7.  End-of-module exam.


Module 3B -  SMS Implementation

Section 1. Safety Policy and Objectives

Section 2. Safety Risk Management

Section 3. Safety Assurance

Section 4. Safety Promotion

Section 5. Implementation Process

Section 6. End-of-module exam.




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SKU TRG-10008-001-01-E-R
Course duration 20 hours
Target population Air Traffic Control Officer
Training area Flight Safety and Safety Management
Training type Online