Public Health Corridor (Demo Product)
Public Health Corridor (Demo Product)
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Public Health Corridor (Demo Product)

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Purpose of the Course:

This engaging interactive online course, based on a webinar in the ICAO Covid-19 series, and further subsequent developments, provides clear explanations of the principles and detailed examples of the key elements of the Public Health Corridor (PHC) strategy, a multilayer approach to ensuring as much as possible the use of “clean” crew, ”clean” aircraft, “clean” airport facilities and “clean” cargo to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through air travel.


Learning Objectives:

After completion of this online course, participants will be able to:

•Explain the Public Health Corridor Concept (PHC)
•Outline the principles of the Public Health Corridor (PHC)
•Describe CAPSCA's role in managing the COVID-19 outbreak in aviation
•View CAPSCA COVID-19 guidance materials developed for essential flights
•Describe the scope, considerations, and modules of the PHC, drafted by the Council Aviation Recovery Taskforce (CART) in collaboration with aviation stakeholders, international organizations, ICAO Member States and public health authorities
•Identify the subject matter expertise that contributed to the PHC guidance material, forms and certification process in each of the modules
•Identify the tools and steps of the support system for the PHC


Course Structure

•Course Introduction
•Unit 1- PHC Concept and Principles
•Unit 2- CAPSCA and its role during the disease outbreaks
•Unit 3- Initial CAPSCA COVID-19 Survey Results
•Unit 4- CAPSCA COVID-19 Guidance Material
•Unit 5- PHC Considerations and Scope
•Unit 6- PHC Modules (for types of operations)
•Unit 7- PHC Structure
•Unit 8- PHC Support System
•Unit 9- Question and Answer Session
•Course Summary
•Final Exam
•Interactive guidance material: The CART Take-off guidance

More Information
SKU DEMO-CON-TRG-10042x-001-01-E
Course duration 2 hours
Target population Civil Aviation Authorities, Airline Operators
Training area Flight Safety and Safety Management
Training type Online