Post-Training Evaluation (PTE): Virtual Classroom
Post-Training Evaluation (PTE): Virtual Classroom
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Post-Training Evaluation (PTE): Virtual Classroom

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  • Post-Training Evaluation (PTE) 
  • Especialista en Evaluación Post-Instrucción TRAINAIR PLUS de OACI (CGCI)

Purpose of the Course:

This course will provide CATC personnel with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to implement the TRAINAIR PLUS Level 3 Post-Training Evaluation (L3 PTE) processes, measure the impact of delivered training on work performance, and enhance the quality of developed courses and implemented training processes. The training package includes: - 5 days of face-to-face training and - 5 days of remote technical assistance.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the theoretical framework and structure pf the L3 PTE methodology
  • Prepare a L3 PTE Report
  • Draft a plan to promote the PTE evaluation culture in a Training Organization.

Target Population:

1. TRAINAIR PLUS course developers and training professionals implementing a competency-based methodology in course development;
2. Instructors; and
3. Training managers, supervisors and professionals who are in charge in operations of training centres.


Level: Technical


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