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Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Overview Course (PBNOC-TRG)

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PBN represents a shift from sensor-based to performance-based navigation. PBN routes and procedures are designed to meet a navigation specification which is defined in terms of accuracy, integrity, availability, continuity and functionality for the proposed operations in the context of a particular airspace. Because PBN implementation impacts all areas (aircraft operations, regulatory approvals and authorizations, training, instrument flight procedure design, airspace design, aircraft separation, etc) understanding the PBN concept and principles becomes essential for all aviation stakeholders.


Goal: This course provides a high level overview of the Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) concept and principles. Therefore, this course is the necessary pre-requisite to understand PBN and for further PBN training.


The following two online modules of the course cover:

1.  Introduction to PBN. PBN Concept. Area Navigation.
2.  Area Navigation and PBN. RNAV Routes. SIDs, STARs. Airspace Development. ATC Considerations.


Learning Objectives:

•Explain the PBN concept;
•Develop a common understanding and foundational PBN knowledge to serve as the basis for future, in-depth PBN courses;
•Explain the PBN components;
•Explain PBN implementation‎.

More Information
Course duration 5 hours
Target population Air Traffic Control Officer
Training area Flight Safety and Safety Management
Training type Online