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International Air Law Course - English

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Participants are required to register to the course as a preliminary step and have the application approved by ICAO prior to completing the purchase of the course. 


Purpose of the Course:

The goal of this course is to enable representatives of civil aviation authorities, airports and air navigation service providers to support their organization in compliance with international air law through the application of appropriate knowledge gained in case discussions.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:

a)         learn the concepts and rules of international air law;

b)         explain the relevance of the ruled and procedures of international air law for their own role and functions in their organization; and

c)         apply their knowledge and understanding to assist their national administration in improving implementation.


Target Population:

This five-day course is open to lawyers and administrators or managers with or without legal education.

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Purchase of this course is only available for deliveries organised by ICAO in ICAO Headquarters or in ICAO Regional Offices. Should you wish to register for a course hosted in another location, you are invited to process payment directly to the host organization. For a list of the scheduled courses and registration please click here:


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Course duration 3 days
Training area Aviation Law
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