Global Aviation Safety Plan (Doc 10004)
Global Aviation Safety Plan (Doc 10004)

Global Aviation Safety Plan (Doc 10004)

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The purpose of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) is to continually reduce fatalities, and the risk of fatalities, by guiding the development of a harmonized aviation safety strategy, and developing and implementing regional and national aviation safety plans. It promotes the implementation of a State™s safety oversight system, a risk-based approach to managing safety and a coordinated approach to collaboration between States, regions and industry. The 2020-2022 edition of the GASP maintains some key elements from its previous edition, such as goals for States to improve their effective safety oversight capabilities and to progress in the implementation of State safety programmes (SSPs). Main changes in the plan include new goals and targets for States, regions and industry, as well as tools to measure States™ safety oversight capabilities. This edition also recognizes the importance of safety risk analyses at national and regional levels. It incorporates guidelines and a structure by which States, groups of States or entities within a region identify hazards and mitigate operational safety risks through the assistance of regional aviation safety groups as well as regional coordination. Consistent with the United Nations™ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the vision of the GASP is to achieve and maintain the aspirational safety goal of zero fatalities in commercial operations by 2030 and beyond. The GASP includes the global aviation safety roadmap, which serves as an action plan to assist the aviation community in achieving its goals through a structured, common frame of reference for all relevant stakeholders.


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