Annex 6 - Operation Of Aircraft - Part I - International Commercial Air Transport - Aeroplanes (Corrigendum to Amendment no. 44 dated 21/9/2020)

11th Edition, July 2018
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This document specifies international Standards and Recommended Practices for aeroplanes used in international commercial air transport operation carrying passengers or freight. The Annex addresses flight operations; performance operating limitations; aeroplane instruments, equipment and flight documents; aeroplane communication and navigation equipment; aeroplane maintenance; flight crew; flight operations officers/flight dispatchers; manuals, logs and records; cabin crew; security; lights to be displayed in the air and on the ground during operations; contents of an operations manual; and flight time and flight duty period limitations.

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Order No. AN 6-1/CORAMD/01
Publication type Corrigendum
Edition 11th Edition, July 2018
Volume or Part Part I