Annex 16 - Environmental Protection - Volume IV - Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

1st Edition, October 2018
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Part I of Volume IV of Annex 16 contains definitions, abbreviations and symbols. Part II, Chapter 2 contains Standards, Recommended Practices and guidelines for monitoring, reporting and verification of an aeroplane operator’s CO2 emissions. Part II, Chapter 3 ontains Standards, Recommended Practices and guidelines on an aeroplane operator’s CO2 offsetting requirements that can be reconciled using Emissions Units generated by eligible programmes under Chapter 4. The relevant applicability requirements to an aeroplane operator engaged in international air navigation are specified in the individual Chapters of Volume IV of Annex 16.

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Order No. AN 16-4
Publication type Annex
Edition 1st Edition, October 2018
Volume or Part Volume IV