Airport Services Manual - Part III - Wildlife Hazard Management (Doc 9137P3)

5th Edition, 2020
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Amendment 3 to the Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Aerodromes (PANS-Aerodromes, Doc 9981) includes provisions and procedures to mitigate the risk posed by wildlife to aviation safety, through the proactive management and control of wildlife at aerodromes and their vicinities. The PANS-Aerodromes, Part II, Chapter 6 contains provisions on the establishment of a Wildlife Hazard Management Programme (WHMP) at aerodromes, including guidance on habitat and land use management, reporting and recording wildlife incidents, expelling and deterring wildlife and personnel training. The fifth edition of the Airport Services Manual, Part 3 - Wildlife Hazard Management (Doc 913 7) contains revised guidance, consistent with the aforementioned Part II, Chapter 6 and highlights the importance of developing a WHMP specific to each aerodrome.

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Edition 5th Edition, 2020
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