Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) Education and Training Aid on CD-ROM (English only) - ENGLISH - CD Rom

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Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) Education and Training Aid (English only)
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Preventing CFIT accidents is the major goal of this training aid. This CD-ROM consists primarily of a document in five sections developed by an international CFIT Task Force. Section one provides management with a concise but comprehensive view of the document. Section two identifies areas where those people who govern, regulate and run the industry can best put their efforts to prevent CFIT. Section three provides the history of CFIT, along with causal factors, traps and solutions. Section four provides academic and simulator training programmes aimed at flight crews and their responsibilities and duties in preventing CFIT. Also included are briefings, the narrative of a video, and aeroplane-specific examples of the CFIT escape manoeuvre. Section five contains CFIT accident/incident information and the CFIT checklist.