Air Transport Statistics Course - ENGLISH

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In the first Air Transport Statistics online course, ICAO-CAE will provide basic training on international air transport statistics focusing on standard terminology used, how data is collected, and what it represents.

This course aims to introduce the student to the key statistical elements used in civil aviation to understand the origin and meaning of the statistical data collected and to analyze such data. They will also learn where the data originates, how the different data series may relate to each other, and how to verify that the data submitted conforms to the instructions and definitions pertaining to each data series presented.

Civil aviation statistics may be required for a number of activities: such as, analyzing historical trends, planning and forecasting, defining benchmarks to enable comparison among similar entities, analyzing accident and incident trends, etc. For these activities, a comprehensive understanding of the available information is required. This course fills a vacuum which has been created over the last decade, as some of the international and regional organizations that once provided basic guidance material on air transport statistics to the industry have ceased to do so.

Prerequisite reference material for this course is Doc 9060 - Reference manual on the ICAO Statistics Programme.

The training is most beneficial for:

  • airport and airline planners;
  • managers and operational staff;
  • airport specialists in government;
  • airline executives;
  • marketing and commercial managers;
  • aviation consultants; and
  • aircraft manufacturing analysts.