Air Transport Forecasting Course - ENGLISH

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This course aims to address key demand and supply issues, assess forecasting methodologies, and discuss future strategies. It will provide a thorough understanding of the nature of demand coupled with the knowledge of how to effectively manage capacity which will be essential for success in this fast-changing commercial environment. Measures to expand airport capacity will be considered in relation to both terminals and runways and the interaction with surface transport.

The course will provide training on the economics of air transport in general and how they affect best practices in statistics and data manipulation, forecasting and planning, as well as air transport regulation frameworks.

Prerequisite reference material for this course is: Manual on Air Traffic Forecasting (Doc 8991), which must be purchased from ICAO before registering:

The training is most beneficial for:

  • airport and airline planners;
  • managers and operational staff;
  • aviation specialists in government departments;
  • analysts from aircraft manufacturers; and
  • consultants who are working in the field of air transport.