Air Transport Economics and Regulations Course - ENGLISH

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As international air transport developed and became more complex over the past six decades, so, too, has its regulation. This course will provide easy learning material to help you acquire the basic knowledge of the many aspects of this dynamic activity. The scope of the course is limited to the economic aspects of international air transport regulation.

This course is designed to provide a clear foundation of the underlining principles of airline and airport economics, as well as to address aviation regulatory and policy issues. It helps to interpret economic indicators and will address implications of airline strategies for airports with particular reference to changing patterns of airline operations. Methods for operating airports under different government policies in different countries will be reviewed as well.

Prerequisite reference materials for this course are Manual on the Regulation of International Air Transport (Doc 9626) and Policy and Guidance Material on the Economic Regulation of International Air Transport (Doc 9587), which must be purchased from ICAO before registering:

The training is most beneficial for: 

  • airport and airline planners;
  • managers and operational staff;
  • airport specialists in government;
  • airline executives;
  • marketing and commercial managers;
  • aviation consultants; and
  • aircraft manufacturing analysts