Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Operations Approval Course (PBNOP-TRG)

Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Operations Approval Course (PBNOP-TRG)

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Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Operations Approval Course:

Course Description

The PBN implementation process represents a shift from sensor-based to performance-based navigation. PBN routes and procedures are designed to meet a required navigation performance (RNP) which is defined in terms of accuracy, integrity, availability, continuity and functionality for the proposed operations in the context of a particular airspace. Commercial air transport operators need to have an operational approval to fly PBN routes and procedures.

The goal of this course is to help understand the concept, implementation and operations approval process for PBN.

Training Objectives

• Understand the PBN Concept

• Understand what a PBN Approval is

• Understand the documentation required for submission

• Understand the process the regulator will follow

Language of Instruction



2 to 4 hours - CBT 

Target Population

Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA)

Airline Personnel

Prerequisites and Qualification Requirements

Understanding of the regulatory process and knowledge of Doc 9997. 

This course includes complete collection of all ICAO publications related to Performance-based Navigation (PBN) and specifically tailored for target population.

Product Benefits

• Provides a cost effective opportunity of purchasing related PBN publications

• Helps understand the concepts, principals, requirements and benefits of the ICAO PBN program

• Provides comprehensive guidance materials for implementation of State PBN program

• Provides the necessary technical and operational framework for running of a PBN program in compliance with the ICAO standards

• Represents unbiased source of internationally agreed PBN principle