Aviation Fundamentals (AviFun)

Aviation Fundamentals (AviFun)

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Target Population: Aspiring new aviation professionals as well as professionals transitioning into aviation

Duration: 20 hours

Delivery Mode: Online

Language: English

Purpose of the Course:  To provide fundamental knowledge and inspire individuals about the different fields of aviation as they consider their professional goals and career path. The following 9 online modules cover diverse activities and regulations of civil aviation:

  • air law,
  • aircraft,
  • operations,
  • navigation,
  • airports,
  • security,
  • environment,
  • accidents,
  • and safety.

 Learning Objectives: 

  • Explore the daily activities, challenges, and decisions within different areas of civil aviation.
  • Explain the complexities and how safe, secure and efficient global air transport is made possible.

To complete the course and write the exam, please proceed to payment by using the ADD TO CART button (above) and your access to start the course will be sent to you in the following days after receipt of payment confirmation. It may take from 1-2 business days to process your registration. Note that upon successful completion of the final exam, you will earn a Certificate of successful completion.